Introducing the Renaissance Faire Collection!

We’re proud to announce our latest collection of natively digitized fonts and designs made in StitchArtist and ready for use in any Embrilliance platform program! The Renaissance Faire Collection includes a stunning selection of both revamped and expanded fonts and decorations from historic collections as well as all-new, never-before-seen typefaces and decorations fit for any flight of fantasy!

Make sure to read to the end for a note from the creator of Embrilliance, Brian Bailie!

Over time, Embrilliance has recreated and expanded the popular collections in our original Designer’s Gallery lineup: From the holiday favorite Christmas Collection 1 and the unique Christmas Traditions Interactive, to the lovely Romance Collection with its unparalleled specialty-stitch fonts. We’ve been asked for the original Renaissance Collection to be enhanced, and we couldn’t agree more, so we did just that.

Like the Romance Collection before it, we’ve enhanced the unique functionality of Renaissance, and we have added useful, stylish fonts and coordinating designs. Renaissance is an incredible value and has amazing versatility. Check out the massive ‘Megagram‘ fonts; the standout feature of the original collection.

The Embrilliance platform has always automatically switched to textured fills when letter sizes are impractical for satin stitches. For the size range of these fonts, however, we spent a lot of time refining the shapes in the content. From the daunting and detailed Ren Iron, Ren Scroll 3C, and Ren Scroll 2C as well as the simpler, but no less lovely, Ren Morgan and Ren Horst, these fonts maintain their sumptuous, smooth curves even when scaled up to a full 12″ (300mm) in height. The typefaces alone are a stunning value, providing scalable, native version of letters exceeding the function and appeal of traditional large monograms offered as standard stitch-file designs.

As wonderful as the original typefaces turned out, we expanded the collection even more. We started by resurrecting and expanding 2 favorites from the classic Monogram Wizard catalog, creating new versions of Fairytale and Musical. Ren Fairytale and Ren Musical now include a wider range of punctuation, numerals, and even some stylistic alternate characters to make the most confusing specialty characters easier to read. These fonts now have the same clean shapes as our other collections, allowing them to stitch at a wider range of sizes.

To finish our set of nine spectacular fonts, we added 2 all-new typefaces specifically selected for this collection. The first is Ren Caster, a piece based on actual Renaissance lettering, created with an expanded set of accents, punctuation, and alternate characters so that you can choose between Renaissance letter styles and something easier for the modern eye to manage. As a perfect companion font, we made Ren Gothic to match, bringing one of the most popular Renaissance Faire typefaces to life with the same full accent spectrum and attention to detail.

In addition to the fonts, we revamped the decorations and added scrolls, corners, monogram frames, and the ever popular split ‘Name Frames‘. Create stunning, hoop-filling setups for any personalization, from a single letter to the type of last-name layout seen so frequently in home decor. From font-matching Flourishes and the flower-laden Garden section, to the Ornamental medallions and show-stopping Swirls, the Renaissance Faire Collection library is packed with versatile design elements you can mix and match to luxurious effect.

Click the image for a full preview of each feature-packed section of the Renaissance Faire library!

Whether you want to sew up a simple tea towel, emblazon an enormous monogram for pillows or linens, bring a cute border design into your composition, or personalize your faire-wear, the Renaissance Faire Collection has something to make your stitching spectacular.

Hello Embrilliance fans,

Brian here with a note on the content you are seeing in the Renaissance Faire Collection. The original was created in 2010, and offered lettering so large that a single initial would fill the largest hoop. This was accomplished using technology released in Designer’s Gallery MonogramWorks a few years earlier. The Renaissance collection was a personal project of mine, and one that was enjoyed by everyone who stitched with it. Now, over a decade later, this amazing team I find myself with, these creative people who love the art of embroidery so deeply, have taken my original and re-imagined it in ways I would have only been able to wish for those years ago. I may have created the original, but this new version is an incredible piece of work, contributed to heavily by Lisa Shaw and Erich Campbell. My thanks to them for taking on this project and making it such an amazing thing. To all of you who use it, as always, thank you! We wish you the happiest of stitching!

Brian Bailie, creator of Designer’s Gallery and Embrilliance

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