We have created a library containing the designs from our 2018 project blog posts!

This BX file can be installed into the Embrilliance platform so you can have access to all of the FREE BE working file designs we showcased in our 2018 project blog!

The Embrilliance project blog is a source of inspiration and education. Each design that we provide as a BE working file can be used in ALL of the Embrilliance platform programs, including Embrilliance Express. The BE file has superpowers 🙂  It is the native object format for the Embrilliance software.  They were created specifically for Embrilliance using StitchArtist and each month we try to give a little bit of education with our free designs.

We have created a PDF file that you can download with installation instructions

For those that have StitchArtist, having access to the BE working file means you can see how a design was digitized! You have complete access to all objects, their properties, the stitching order etc.

What’s even more exciting, is that if you have been following our project blog, you know that with each design, there was some learning point to go with it.  Maybe a PDF with stitching instructions, tips and tricks or maybe a how to video associated with the design. We have included the actual website address for the associated project blog post along with a few keyword to assist you in knowing what is special about that design.  You can find this information in the NOTES pane when you select the merged design.

Here is the link to the zipped BX file.  Be sure to unzip it prior to installing this BX file according to the instructions in the above linked PDF file.