Say “Thank You” to those that stock the shelves and run the checkouts!

We’ve seen you adding the #Embrilliance and #StayStrongStitchOn hashtags on your posts, and we couldn’t be more proud of all you’ve made!

As we continue with our ‘Stay Strong and Stitch On!’ campaign, we’re showing thank you and gratitude to some of the essential workers with an in the hoop keyfob project created by Lisa Shaw of Bubbles’ Menagerie!

SSSO #11: In the hoop Shopping Basket Key Fob

Make it. – Present it.

They’ll love it, you’ll love doing a kindness for someone…

We’ve got a quick-stitching, in-the-hoop project for you that you can either stitch as is or customize with your own name using Embrilliance Platform. We think this could be a nice way to say “thank you” or “I appreciate your sacrifice” to those in essential jobs working at your local shops, stores, farmers market, and other retail locations.

Did you know that you can change ANY font into an italics style, simply by moving the slant slider to the left or right? YUP – its that easy to adjust lettering using the Embrilliance lettering tool! You may be used to other software that has all sorts of hoops to jump through, just to customize lettering. Save time and don’t second-guess yourself: You can do it, and it’s just this easy! Also, don’t forget, you can change the lettering to say what you want. 🙂

You can download the zipped file that contains the embroidery design in the BE format. Want step by step stitching instructions on how to stitch the keyfob? Download the PDF from our HeartBeat Heart Fob post which started this whole campaign!

Download Project Zip File

The design is provided in our native .BE format, enabling you to save a stitch file for any embroidery machine. If you aren’t already an Embrilliance owner, we provide a free method to use our software called Express Mode that will not only allow you to use any of the wonderful free designs found in our project blog, but also enables you to install and create basic text treatments with fonts distributed in our popular .BX format produced by many embroidery design creators.

To learn more about Embrilliance Express and for the instructions and links you need to download, install, and use our software with our free project files, please click here.

We’d love to see how you use our designs; if you’d like to be featured on the Embrilliance project blog, click here to submit your pics!