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Version 1.127 Embrilliance Platform


It’s been a while since we’ve posted a new version. This latest adds some exciting new technology we’re trying out:

–We are extending the Remove Hidden Stitches feature to include applique! Continue Reading…

Posted 5 years, 7 months ago.

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Christmas 2013 Free Moddie Designs

Happy Holidays everyone!

Our team has a few FREE DESIGN sets for you. Check out the Embrilliance forum, “Share!”

The applique design sets are user-changeable – you can size, change applique style, preview with fabric, etc. These are part of the Embrilliance Moddie Library system, and can be installed with a BX file. BX files can be installed on Mac and PC.


Moddies are user-modifiable designs. That means you are in control, unlike regular design collections.

These Moddies are free, and can run in Express Mode (FREE), which means they can be saved to use on any embroidery machine.

Merry Christmas from your Embrilliance family!


Posted 5 years, 11 months ago.

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Free heart applique designs

Here is a .BX file to install a heart design into the Embrilliance platform.

If you don’t own Embrilliance, there is a FREE “Express Mode” that you can use.

Download from Embrilliance.com/downloads. The download will be the first title, and you can choose Mac or Windows.

To download the design, click on the picture below:
Hearts lg
BX files will install themselves – in this design there is a heart that can be re-sized and the appliques can be transformed. You can even preview a solid-color fabric with it. And you can copy/paste, rotate, etc. for your own layout.

To install the .BX file in your Embrilliance, simply drag it from your desktop onto the icon of the program (if it isn’t running), or onto the main page (if it is running).

To access files like these in Embrilliance, use the Merge Design from Library button towards the right side of the toolbar.


Which opens a window to select your free designs:


You can change the stitch properties of the design if you want to:


Don’t forget, you can re-size to your heart’s content — the applique stitches will be calculated for you automatically!

You may now save the stitch file in any format – it can be saved for any home embroidery machine sold in the last 20 years, as long as you can get a design to your machine from a computer.


 Have fun, and Welcome to Embrilliance!



Posted 6 years ago.

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Two New Products!

Hello, all you Embrilliant people!

October 31, Halloween, we were able to launch not one, but TWO new products.

Each of these works within the same Embrilliance download as Essentials – all you need do is add your new serials numbers, just as you would with AlphaTricks.

The titles are Enthusiast and Density Repair Kit. Continue Reading…

Posted 6 years, 1 month ago.

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Essentials version 1.110

Hello, All you Embrilliant Embroiderers!

We wanted to let you know that Essentials 1.110 is on the downloads page right now, along with updated manual and help. The reasons for this update are… Continue Reading…

Posted 6 years, 3 months ago.

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AlphaTricks Tricks!

All we can say is “WOW!”

We have been completely overwhelmed with everyone’s  enthusiastic response to the announcement and release of AlphaTricks this month! As we’ve worked with users, we’ve uncovered some common questions, as well as tips that it seems everyone would like to know about:

Continue Reading…

Posted 6 years, 7 months ago.

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AlphaTricks release

Hello, all your Embrilliant embroiderers!

It just occurred to me that we haven’t mentioned our new AlphaTricks here on the blog.

It’s a feature pack for Essentials, but it does run by itself. We just know that you’ll want to use it all together though. It makes those alphabet designs work like the built-in Essentials fonts.

Check out the page on the product at embrilliance.com/products/alphatricks

And get started using all those alphabet designs you’ve collected but never used!
Happy Easter!

Posted 6 years, 8 months ago.

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Windows 8?

Ok, people are asking about Windows 8.

Let me preface my thoughts with this; I’ve been writing programs since 1981 on my Apple 2+. I had early Macs, I had early PCs. I’ve used them all for 30 years continuously. I’ve consulted for many clients and taught professionals as well as seniors how to use them. Naturally I’ve developed opinions over the years. What I’m relating here is opinion. I’ll try to ignore words that normal people don’t need to know like Skeuomorphism. Continue Reading…

Posted 7 years, 1 month ago.

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Essentials update in the Mac App Store

Apple finally notified us that the Essentials 1.103 update for the Mac App Store will be available as soon as their servers propagate it. Owners of the MAS version of Essentials will get the update and/or notice per their MAS settings in OSX. Note to use the MAS you need OSX 10.6.8 or later. This version is now compatible with Mountain Lion. Due to the launch of ML, and every developer on the planet submitting compatibility updates, it has taken Apple a while to get caught up, or so it seems.

Posted 7 years, 3 months ago.

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Essentials for Max OSX Mountain Lion

Hi Everyone! We have posted the latest version 1.103 on the downloads page. It is a major update for the Mac version and includes support for Mountain Lion, which released yesterday. Cheers!

Posted 7 years, 4 months ago.

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-- A Random Happy Thought --

"Hello, I have purchased your fonts, in fact, all of your software for embroidery, which I"m really liking on my Mac.!"
From Elizabeth T
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