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AlphaTricks release

Hello, all your Embrilliant embroiderers!

It just occurred to me that we haven’t mentioned our new AlphaTricks here on the blog.

It’s a feature pack for Essentials, but it does run by itself. We just know that you’ll want to use it all together though. It makes those alphabet designs work like the built-in Essentials fonts.

Check out the page on the product at embrilliance.com/products/alphatricks

And get started using all those alphabet designs you’ve collected but never used!
Happy Easter!

Posted 6 years, 4 months ago.

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Windows 8?

Ok, people are asking about Windows 8.

Let me preface my thoughts with this; I’ve been writing programs since 1981 on my Apple 2+. I had early Macs, I had early PCs. I’ve used them all for 30 years continuously. I’ve consulted for many clients and taught professionals as well as seniors how to use them. Naturally I’ve developed opinions over the years. What I’m relating here is opinion. I’ll try to ignore words that normal people don’t need to know like Skeuomorphism. Continue Reading…

Posted 6 years, 9 months ago.

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Essentials update in the Mac App Store

Apple finally notified us that the Essentials 1.103 update for the Mac App Store will be available as soon as their servers propagate it. Owners of the MAS version of Essentials will get the update and/or notice per their MAS settings in OSX. Note to use the MAS you need OSX 10.6.8 or later. This version is now compatible with Mountain Lion. Due to the launch of ML, and every developer on the planet submitting compatibility updates, it has taken Apple a while to get caught up, or so it seems.

Posted 6 years, 12 months ago.

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Essentials for Max OSX Mountain Lion

Hi Everyone! We have posted the latest version 1.103 on the downloads page. It is a major update for the Mac version and includes support for Mountain Lion, which released yesterday. Cheers!

Posted 7 years ago.

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Machine Quilting formats added to Thumbnailer

We just added some machine quilting files to the Windows version (2.73) of Thumbnailer. CQP, IQP, QLI, HQF, MQR and SSD have been added. The Mac version will get these ASAP. Cheers!

Posted 7 years, 6 months ago.

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Thread Manager in Win Essentials

Another new, as yet undocumented, feature has been added to Essentials:

You can now create thread palettes of existing thread colors, and you can also place a check mark on threads that are in your inventory.

We have also added many user-requested threads including the full Coats and Clark lines, BFC, Jenny Haskins, etc.

This feature will appear in the next Mac update too. But we have it today for you on Windows, so we’re releasing it now.

Happy colorizing!


Posted 7 years, 6 months ago.

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Designer 1 Disk Utility in Win Essentials

Breaking News!

Many users have asked for us to provide a Designer 1 Disk utility. In many cases the one provided by Viking would not be installable in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

We have added this feature in todays update of the Windows version of Essentials (1.094).

It will come soon in the Mac version too, but many, if not most Essentials users also have Convert It, Mac which has this feature. So we think it is OK to release this now for Windows in advance of the Mac version.

The Disk Utility is found on the “Utilities” menu. It supports both floppy drive and USB designer 1’s.

Note if you have an SE, you don’t need this. But older D1 owners will no doubt love this.



Posted 7 years, 6 months ago.

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Embrilliance Emboxer is here!

We’ve finally made an embroidery card reader/writer tool for Mac users!

Emboxer is a program for Mac OSX 10.5 and up that communicates with the Vikant Ultimate Box, both the 1-slot and 2-slot versions.

Visit the Emboxer page for more information.

Posted 7 years, 8 months ago.

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Essentials 1.09

Today we released Essentials 1.09.

This addresses some small bugs that were reported.

Also under the hood, we’re still readying the platform for new features.


Posted 8 years ago.

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OSX Lion compatibility!

It took some doing, but all the programs are OSX Lion compatible!

Embrilliance Thumbnailer has a new installer for Mac, and there’s a side story as well:

As many of you know, .EXP files have always been an ‘issue’ as Apple has taken ownership of the file extension, even though they don’t render a thumbnail image.

Well, persistence, shmoooze and copies of your emails finally paid off! Thanks to a friendly contact at Apple made over the last three years, we got some under-the-hood details about how to integrate Thumbnailer better, and to show the files we were meant to! EXP and EXP+ are now working!

Convert It, Mac only needed minor changes to where we stored some things, and now it is installing and running on Lion too. The version for this change is 1.60.

Embrilliance Essentials 1.08 worked on Lion right out-of-the-box, but we’re updating yet again to 1.09. If you are wondering why the changes are coming rapidly all of a sudden, I’ll just say that, “Its not sudden at all.” We’re preparing the program for the release of some new stuff, including editing, etc. Gotta have a good foundation before adding the rest, right?

Sleep well, Lion fans.


Posted 8 years ago.

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"I love Embrilliance Essentials and especially Thumbnailer."
From Liz F
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