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New version 1.142 and more

Hi, Everyone,

Tonight we’re uploading version 1.142. It addresses mostly StitchArtist issues. We improved the look of one of the stipples, separated the motifs into categories, improved the auto satin column and fixed the crash issues we have reports on. We have had some patient testers helping us out, and thanks to those who have been working with us – you know who you are! There were even a couple cases of bad hardware causing us some issues, and we seem to have overcome those. It keeps improving, and we’ve been working hard to make every system and every user happy. It’s not easy with two operating systems, but we’re on it!

Plus, yes, we have some feature expansion creeping in, so as usual there’s always more you can do with every version. In this case we have increased the ability of the applique-to-cut file capability. It is a little bit less restrictive now. Also StitchArtist will allow removal of overlapped applique topstitching in SA designs, and that follows the Preferences for saving, as with Essentials. It will NOT remove overlaps of existing designs – that’s still an Essentials function.

On the Mac front, there remains a bug or two in OSX that we see from time to time. Some of you have reported some slowness in your systems and we see that Apple has a couple radars (bug reports) on these and they are seeing it in many (all) apps using the system Open and Save panels. There have been reported a couple success stories where people have solved the issue, but we’re leery of passing them on. You could Google it, if you’re affected. We’d prefer to get a proper solution from Apple. The issues we see seem to have manifested in Mavericks, but that quickly was replaced by Yosemite and the issues persist. We will keep you posted.

Personally, I’ve been working on some videos – my version of the manual in video form. A lot of you claim to be visual learners. Please don’t expect to duplicate every movement I make step-by-step. I need to be able to edit the video for time. Watch the video and hopefully you will be learning. We’re trying to keep the videos to a reasonable length, but that’s a challenge as there is so much information to pass along. There will be a couple new videos released tonight or tomorrow, and those were made with this update. I’ll try to get a couple more this weekend, looking to complete the Level 1 Controls series. If you are interested, please visit YouTube.com and follow the BriTonLeap channel.

Finally a note on the social media side. You folks are so wonderful helping each other and offering advice and encouragement! Please keep sharing photos of things you make, and lending a hand even when you know the question has been asked “100 times”. That’s one area where the old-fashioned Forums have an edge over the Facebook method – Facebook posts disappear as they age, or are hard to find and answer within. Forum posts can be searched and information can be easily passed along. If you find yourself answering the same question, see if there’s a post in our Forum and if not make one, then it can be referenced easily for someone at a later date. Plus when browsing the forum, other ideas and information can pop up which people, especially newcomers, find useful.

We have many embroidery ‘newbies’ coming along and we welcome you. We find ourselves answering a lot of questions about ‘how do I get the design to my machine’ and we love those – our hobby is expanding as people discover the joy of embroidery and machine companies keep working to lower the costs. If you are one of these folks, don’t feel any question is dumb or too basic. We have all been there at one point. Enjoy the process of discovery. Take it slow and easy on yourself. Successful embroidery projects do require a little bit of skill and experience even though ‘the machine does the work’. You’ll find you have plenty to learn, but its all fun.

Our team is continually humbled by your wonderful reception of our efforts, and we thank you so much. It makes it worthwhile as we burn the midnight oil – we know ‘someone out there’ is just going to love ‘this’ (whatever we’re working on).



Posted 5 days, 6 hours ago.

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Update 1.140 for StitchArtist

Hi, all you digitizers,

We released 1.140 today which is a StitchArtist update.

Along with some minor issues we found the cause of a crash and fixed it.

We’re still working on the Mac version of the Oz upload for this, but will have it within a day or so. As soon as this is up, we’ll roll the program checker to this version. Meantime, the rest are available for download.

If you have any problems with this version, please use the ticket system (Contact Us) at embrilliance.com



Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago.

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Upgrading StitchArtist Levels


Some of you bought StitchArtist Level 1 to try it out, and are now ready for Level 2. We have made the Level 2 Upgrade now available in our Store.

To run StitchArtist Level 2, you simply add the serial number to your Level 1 installation. When you move to a different computer, you put both serial numbers in (Your Level 1 and Level 2 Upgrade). Continue Reading…

Posted 1 month ago.

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Update 1.139 Embrilliance Platform

Hi, All,

Just a note to let you know that we’ve rolled 1.139 out to everyone.

This is mostly a maintenance release for StitchArtist. There were some UI bugs on Mac for StitchArtist (Apple induced some of them). This is the first pushed roll-out of some features including the Save All Cutfiles which now works on StitchArtist objects of any type.

It also adds multi-position hoop editing in the Hoop Preferences to the Enthusiast product.

And more importantly, there are some file-format updates for everyone.

Remember, not every update is needed for people with every product. Your program tells our server which titles you’ve got, and the server lets you know if we recommend an update. This is why some of you will run the ‘Check for updates’ and get told ‘Your program is up to date’ even if there is an mid-level update. It may not have anything to do with a product you own. However, it is fine at any point to grab the current release version. It just may not change anything that you would notice.

Happy Holidays!


Posted 1 month, 1 week ago.

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Platform 1.137 update

Hi everyone,

1.137 was posted today. It includes mostly bug fixes – fairly minor but if you are having any troubles at all, please update.

We had an issue occur which affected the placement of objects in Color Sort. That has been corrected, and the Save All for cut-files sometimes would miss pieces, resulting in a message that a cut-file could not be created.

Also there were some minor tweaks in the Mac StitchArtist interface. Apple had changed some things on us in an update that came through right as we were releasing the last version, and that broke some OSX 10.5 items. We have revisited those and made adjustments. Sorry about that!

We know there are still improvements to be made, and we’re working constantly on that. Meanwhile, we know you’re having fun!



Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago.

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StitchArtist is almost here!

SALogo 256A lot of you are asking questions, and we know that you want to know what is coming. So today we have a little treat for those of you who have been waiting. The PDF and Online Help systems for the new Embrilliance Platform are now online. And, you guessed it, StitchArtist is in there.

Continue Reading…

Posted 2 months ago.

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Hello, Brian here,

Yes, the rumors are true and we are finally closing in on the release of design creation products. Continue Reading…

Posted 3 months, 1 week ago.

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1.134 – minor update

We had 1 or 2 fairly trivial items that we had broken in a previous update, and we’ve improved a couple things behind the scenes, so we’re putting 1.134 of the Embrilliance Platform up today. We’re trying to keep zero customer-reported glitches.

Posted 6 months ago.

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1.133 – still more!

When we first released the ability to remove stitches hidden under an applique a few versions ago, it sparked some interest and a bunch of conversation. We then released in 1.132 the ability to save a cut file, and preview simulated fabric in applique designs, and that has been like a lightning strike. What if we were to tell you this was all building to something? Hmmm… Continue Reading…

Posted 6 months ago.

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Version 1.132 – News and a free update!

It has been awhile since you’ve heard from us because we’ve been working on some cool new things.

Do you like to view embroidery designs in 3D mode? Of course you do – the more realistic, the better.  But what about appliqué designs?  Wouldn’t it be nice to see them with a fabric simulation? Hmmm…

applique simulation Continue Reading…

Posted 6 months, 2 weeks ago.

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